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Colour: Chocolate
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    Designed to handle any season in sustainable style, Jylland [yyl-lahn] is our version of the classic leather Derby shoe with above-average comfort and quality. Constructed from environmentally friendly materials and quality workmanship, its wider toe design gives your feet space to breathe. Matches perfectly with a pair of jeans for a classic cool look.

    Jutland, Danish Jylland, projection of northern Europe forming the continental portion of Denmark. It is known anciently as the Cimbric or Cimbrian Peninsula, is a peninsula of Northern Europe that forms the continental portion of Denmark and part of northern Germany. The names are derived from the Jutes and the Cimbri, respectively. The historic southern border of Jutland was the river Eider, which forms the border between the former duchies of Schleswig and Holstein, as well as the border between the Danish and German realms from c. 850 to 1864. Most people in Jutland lived a rural life as farmers and fishers.

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