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Duckfeet Environmentally Responsible Shoes

Though we all need something to wear on our feet, boots, shoes, and sandals don’t simply fall out of the sky, but they do impart an impact on the environment we all share. Duckfeet Canada strives to lead a sustainable existence in the following ways.


Duckfeet boots and shoes have replaceable soles made from a simple and durable construction process. This makes it easier for repair by a cobbler if needed. You are welcome to purchase outsoles separately and bring them to your local cobbler to repair.


Duckfeet obtains its leather from Terracare. Terracare is best known for their process that requires 79% less water than irresponsible tanneries, and they purchase reforestation for CO₂ they generate but cannot eliminate. Visit Terracare’s website to learn more about their quality processes.


Comprehensive sustainability extends beyond material goods and includes our fellow humans. We encourage our customers to deeply consider their purchase. When investing in our quality footwear, we are taking what we believe to be the necessary steps to reduce our individual carbon footprint. We take pride in our consideration and truly care about the things that we do in this existence to help our fellow man by reducing waste. Our efforts have been rewarded by having dedicated, long-lasting customers.

We are proud to offer gender-neutral designs that appeal to many walks of life, and the minimalist design helps to keep Duckfeet out of the trend cycle and on your feet longer.

Many of our customers are already mindful shoppers—welcome!