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on August 13, 2021

The Mary Jane style shoes have been around since the 1920s and have originally been considered gender neutral and were considered mostly as formal attire. The name ‘Mary Jane’ came from the Buster Brown cartoon in the early 20th century, and its character was named Mary Jane.

In the 1930s, it became more favored by girls as boys began to sport dress shoes instead. It was traditionally worn by schoolgirls with socks or pantyhose, but as they grew in popularity, it was a popular choice for women of all ages. Today, you can still find modern Mary Jane shoes an ideal choice for everyday wear, and they remain an iconic and timeless classic.

Duckfeet Lolland - Mary Jane Shoe

Other names for the Mary Jane flats are "bar shoes" or "doll sh They are characterized by being simple, flat-soled shoes with bars, or straps, across the instep that fastens with a buckle or button. It has a broad and rounded toe box, low heels, and thin outsoles. Historically, they are made of black leather, however as time passed by, the twenty-first century Mary Janes shoes came in a variety of colors and styles. This is especially true for baby girl and toddler versions, which are tantamount to cuteness and femininity.

Duckfeet Himmerland - Mary Jane Flat

Mary Janes are also great news for everyone with painful feet who needs a classic, ladylike, and comfortable shoe all rolled into one. They are designed to allow you to walk through the day pain-free because of the wide front toes and strap feature. There is even a variety of orthopedic Mary Janes that are for both children and adults.

Mary Jane girl shoes go well with almost any type of mid-length skirts and dresses and can even be worn with maxi dresses for an on-trend look that works for summer and early fall. Although considered to be a vintage fashion, they are coming back in style in one form or another with modern twists on the classic design. An ideal example of how the shoes held on to their timelessness is Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, as she has been photographed wearing them on multiple occasions.

Duckfeet Mols - Mary Jane Girls Shoes

To sum it all up, Mary Jane shoes are a classic, versatile footwear style for every closet. Having them in your wardrobe makes you feel ready for anything. Regardless of its various style choices, you’ll find lots of ways to wear Mary Jane Duckfeet flats as they are sophisticated for both work and play, and they’re a comfortable choice for almost any occasion. You can experiment with different kinds of outfits to find your favorite fashion combinations.


by Duckfeet Canada on August 30, 2021

Hi Elizabeth,

Currently, we are not selling these in stores, but we have started speaking with select stores to carry our products. In the meantime, there is only online ordering available. Should you require a different size, exchange shipping is free. See full details at our return policy at the bottom of the website.

Regarding sales, we run a few sales throughout the year. Feel free to sign up with your email, and we’ll be sure to reach out to you, when we launch our next sale.

Thank you,
Duckfeet Canada

by Elizabeth Brenda Flynn on August 30, 2021

1.Are these shoes sold in a regular outlet…as I’d like try on these shoes before purchase/ ordering.
2. Do you have ‘for sale’ shoes?
I look forward to your reply


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