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on March 15, 2022

For the past many years the talk of saving the environment has been a campaign. One of them is maintaining sustainability through our environment. Sustainability is allowing us to meet our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

For our love for the future generation and Earth, we support sustainability through planting more trees. Why not? Trees play an important role in us. It helps in cleaning the air we breathe. Trees serve as a habitat for most animals. It also absorbs the overflowing water from rain to avoid flash floods and lessen the flooding in city areas. Lastly, trees help us build houses; create materials we need for our daily function, and many more! Many of us benefit from trees allowing us to meet our needs and we hope that future generations continue to benefit from trees.

Next to planting trees, we use leather that has been sustainably and ethically created to abide by set of social and environment values, this is also known as the “Terra Care” leather.



We use terra care leather to make our Duckfeet shoes. Terra care leather focus on the following values such as, raw material, by products, social responsibility, water and energy. Terra care leathers have incredible processes that reduce the risk of contamination, transport emissions and waste from its raw materials. The process too made sure to nearly use 100% of the byproducts which dramatically reduce waste. The terra care leather promotes conservation of water and energy as they highly consider and observe their social responsibility to the community. The incredible processes of terra care leather made it durable.

To promote sustainability and reduce waste with terra care leather’s durability, we encourage resoling your pair after years of wear. Your shoes can continue to be worn after resoling, reducing your impact on the environment through reduced pollution. Picture that, through resoling your soles, you can keep the environment clean and lessen the pollution. Isn’t that an incredible contribution for our future generation?



Reforestation is one way to plant more trees. It is replanting trees where the forest had previously been destroyed. Through reforestation, many trees will be planted and more people and generations will surely enjoy its sustainability.

Just imagine, you are walking in the woods with the cool shade of trees. Isn’t it serene and lovely to enjoy the green lush and calming scenery of those trees?


To put planting of trees into action, we work with organizations that are passionate and committed to this mission. We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that is highly dedicated to global reforestation, restoring biodiversity and planting trees. One tree planted has been working in four regions such as North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia. The donations they collected are allocated and turned into trees in the ground.



Did you know that you can take the action through our website? As we have recently enabled carbon-free shipping on all your orders to keep our environment safe, it also supports the sustainability of trees. In every order you make it is matched up with tree planting with up to 5 trees per order. Picture this out, in every order, you make from Duckfeet, more trees will be planted restoring damaged forests. These restoration efforts will benefit both humans and animals paving a sustainable future generation. 

Who could have known that the future of environmental sustainability lies in your soles?

What is beyond trees that we can do to make this mission workout? It is the teamwork of everyone, working hand in hand to make the future generation know and enjoy nature.

As they have said people and nature come together. We are bound as one. We benefit from it and we give back to it, to make it available for everyone. As Nicola Alexandre said, “The field of restoration is, by design, about weaving people and nature together.” The indigenous people community, our local communities, us, and you play an important key role in fixing the sustainability issue and deforestation. Together, we can help, rebuild, and save nature.


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