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on October 03, 2022

Best Duckfeet Shoes - when choosing a pair of shoes, you don’t only choose the design or the brand - you also have to make sure that it provides the utmost comfort to your feet. You would always have to consider the purpose of the pair of shoes, whether is it appropriate for hiking, swimming, running or just to look fancy. 

Choosing the wrong size affects not only your feet but also includes legs and joints. Shoes that are too tight or too loose may stress your feet, ankles, lower legs and joints. 

The pressure may cause discomfort and pain as you continue to use the pair of unfit shoes. 

Here are quick and easy tips when choosing a pair of shoes:

  • The right shoe can help keep your feet healthy and your body safe from injury.
  • Shoes should cushion and support your feet, feel comfortable and fit well.
  • Shop for shoes when your feet are at their largest – at the end of the day or after exercise.
  • Get your feet measured every time you buy shoes – it is common for one foot to be larger than the other, and your foot size and shape can change as you age.
  • If you play a sport, choose a shoe designed for that sport.
  • Talk with a healthcare professional (such as a podiatrist or physiotherapist) about any problems with your feet or footwear.

Duckfeet shoes are versatile and adapt to your feet instead of you adjusting to them. Each pair is made of quality leather and can be worn on various occasions without compromising your looks!


Shoes at Duckfeet use European sizes, thus making the size decision different from other types of shoes. It is always best to refer to the chart below so you are guided when getting the right size for your feet. If your measurement is between two sizes, you should get the next size up.




For boots with a wool lining such as the Silkeborg, Århus, or Odense, we recommend you size up one European size.


Here’s a simple guide to follow when measuring your feet:

  1. Place your feet up against a wall and measure the length of your feet
  2. Measure both feet and choose the size that fits the bigger foot.

Rubber Soles

In case you are thinking about purchasing a new rubber sole for your Duckfeet shoes, it is best to choose a size slightly larger than the model and it should fit. This will ensure that the cobbler has enough rubber to attach the sole with a nice finish.

Wool Insoles

As for wool soles, purchase the same size as the model and they should fit.

Choosing a pair of shoes for you might seem so simple and a straightforward task however, it can be detrimental when the fit doesn’t suit you! Always try to make the best decision, Duckfeet shoes are versatile and adjust to your highest comfort and not the other way around - a treat for your feet!


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